Rock Star Gourmet: History

Product History

The history of Rock Star Gourmet and the product known as Rock Star Seedz™ spans back over a decade. Listed below is a high-level timeline of the company and product.

         It all began in 1994 when founder and owner of Rock Star Gourmet, Tim Regel, had a taste of what was available in the relatively new flavored sunflower seed market. He liked what he tasted, but he figured there had to be a way to bring even more flavor to this product. So in the confines of his parent’s kitchen he created the first version of a gourmet flavored sunflower seed.

         In 1995 Tim developed a proprietary process for flavoring the sunflower seed which is still in use today.  This process was tried and tested in various kitchens across campus while he obtained his business degree from St. Cloud State University. It was there many others first got to try this experimental product for the first time and provided valuable feedback that would result in the first official flavor…Spicy Original.

         From 1996 until 1999, Tim took the Spicy Original (AKA Spicy Garlic) flavor along with him in hopes to obtain further feedback relative to his product. He received a lot of positive feedback about the Spicy Original flavor, but more importantly he received suggestions of other flavors consumers would enjoy. Ultimately this led him to develop other flavors to suite the pallets of the seed consumer.

         Between 2000 and 2002 Tim developed an array of new flavors like: Teriyaki, Nuclear, Tex-Mex, BBQ, Ranch and Mystery flavor to name a handful.

         In 2003 Rock Star Gourmet, Inc. was formed to bring additional focus on product development and the potential business this seed flavoring hobby had created.

         In 2005 the gourmet flavored seed was given an official name: Rock Star Seedz™. The decision was also made to construct Rock Star Gourmet’s official home base in Becker, MN. This facility is primarily used to manufacture, package and distribute the Rock Star Seedz™ brand of products. It also serves as a research and development facility for new flavors and other new products.

         In 2006 Rock Star Seedz™ entered the market, landed some high-visibility accounts including: St. Paul Saints/Midway Stadium and the local JM SpeedStop chain of c-stores and soon after picked up a number of loyal seed consumers.

         Due to many requests in 2006, Salted In-Shell was added as a Rock Star Seedz variety.

         Throughout 2006 and 2007 Rock Star Gourmet, Inc. donated over 7000 bags of Rock Star Seedz™ to the troops through organizations like Operation Minnesota Nice.

         In 2007 Rock Star Seedz™ continued to grow and added yet another flavor to its arsenal of high-quality seeds…Dill Pickle.

         Throughout 2007 R&D was underway for yet another mind blowing flavor offering which will be available to everyone at the end of 2007…Blazin’ Buffalo. First of its kind to actually recreate the experience of eating buffalo wings through a sunflower seed.

         By mid-year 2007 Rock Star Seedz™ was in the process of redesigning its packaging…by October 2007 the 3rd generation of packaging was released.

         2008 brought much growth to the Rock Star Seedz™ brand. Regional distribution was obtained in 2007-08 and a number of local distributors picked up the product line. We also became the official sunflower seed of the Florida Miracle which is also the spring training home of the Minnesota Twins.

         2009 continued to see growth when Rock Star Seedz™ was picked up by over 100 selected Walgreens stores throughout Minnesota and Wisconsin.

         In 2010 we obtained distribution in Nebraska and Colorado. We have continued to donate to the troop with over 12,000 bags sent through different organizations and directly through special request. We also began development of our newest flavor to be released in December of 2010. We look forward to our 6th year in 2011 and thank you all for your support!

      In January of 2013 the Rock Star Seedz brand of flavored and salted sunflower seeds was sold to Perfection Packaging, Inc. out of Mankato, MN.

For over a decade a solid foundation has been put in place to bring the Rock Star Seedz™ line of products forward in to the future. Through old-fashioned hard work, some serious head banging and a dedication to quality this small company with a unique product line should experience steady growth for years to come! 

Thank you for taking the time to read about our company and we hope you enjoy our products!