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Blazin' Buffalo | Bloody Mary | Dill Pickle | Salted | Tangy Ranch 

Tangy Ranch | The most unique ranch seed on the market! With an initial rush of tanginess is each handful followed by a smooth ranch finish...these won't disappoint.
Dill Pickle | If Dill Pickle is your thing, then make no mistake with these seeds…they are by far the smoothest blend of dill flavor and salt on the market today. Put these on a burger and you'll never know the difference (except for that extra crunch). 

Salted | For those traditional seed eaters out there we have something for you too! Our special blend of salt and large seeds combines to make these the best salted seed available. If you like a large seed with large salt then this is the seed for you!

Blazin' Buffalo | This is the only true Buffalo Wing flavor on the market today. One of a kind and definitely not short of flavor or heat. Watch out, you'll be hooked after one handful!

Bloody Mary | We believe we have captured the complex taste of a Bloody Mary in this release...try it for yourself and see if you agree. You'll probably find yourself reaching for a pickle, or better yet, our Dill Pickle Seedz!